Update… Updates.. and more Updates!

Hey my dudes and happy April!
I have many.. many updates for you in my author journey! I can’t believe it. I absolutely cannot believe it, but my first draft is done! I completed that sucker with tears streaming down my eyes from excitement. It is currently with my new editor as we speak. We are taking the process slowly, so it may take a few weeks to get back, BUT, I will soon be ready to send it to my beta readers! I am working on it here and there, but mostly waiting for my editor to get back to me. Here is me moments after finishing my first draft:
Now, next topic: Artwork!
I have character artwork in the works and I will tell you guys and send it to you when I receive it! My artist is currently recovering from wisdom teeth removal, so it may be a minute. I also placed the order for MY BOOK COVER! Oh my goodness, I am beyond excited to get it back. I will get it back at the end of the month, and again, I’ll send that to you guys as well! Now, something I can share with you guys: A logo for Linden Academy, the academy in Justice in Magic for the gifted. I originally had a logo made, and I was just extremely dissatisfied with it. I should have said something sooner, but that’t shame on me unfortunately. Here is the original logo I received:
No comment.And now, here is the sketch of the new logo, before it goes into final design! It is more than I could have imagined it to be, and everything I wanted! I can’t wait to get the final design back! This screams unique, and fantasy to me, and I am speechless. 
In case you missed it, here is the map of my pride and joy Evvalor, and the terrible drawing I gave that man on Fiverr to go off of. 
Look look! I even colored it as well! It looks terrible but it brought me a lot of joy!
More exciting news? I KNOW RIGHT!
I am currently discussing getting bookmarks made with bookish art from my books to sell! I have always wanted to have my book on bookmarks, and people pouring over my quotes from my books. It feels a little bit closer to reality!I almost am currently working on the second book in the series! The day after I finished the first draft, I began to write the prologue for the second book! (I already have the title first, but you only get so many goodies at a time!
In other news: I created a Facebook group! I will post the link below and you are more than welcome to join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/387246316585450/
In the next newsletter… I am planning to tell you all about the territories and kingdoms of Evvalor, including a quiz of where you would live if you could!
That is all that I have for now, and I think I can let you go now. Thank you again for signing up for my newsletter and checking it out! Your support means the world to me 🤍
You can add Justice in Magic to your GoodReads shelf at this link here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/60213354-justice-in-magicHave a good week my dudes, thank you for being amazing!
xoxo, Ky 🦋

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