Kylie Vennefron, better known as Ky Venn, loves to build fantasy worlds, and send her characters on great adventures. When she’s not writing her debut novel, Justice in Magic, coming in October 2022, you can find her either watching Friends, reading a book, or spending time with her family. She enjoys being a wife, a child of God, and a mama to two fur babies. She currently lives with her husband in Hamilton, Ohio.

Justice in Magic, Coming October 28th!

All she wants is to be normal.

What if she wasn’t born to be?

Its senior year and all Adelynn wants is to feel normal after her assault. One day, she uncovers the secrets of who she truly is. She is presented with two choices: living a normal life, or attending Linden Academy, a school for the magically gifted in an unknown realm.

Normalcy is hard to obtain at Linden when she is surrounded by royalty and advanced gifted students, and has not shown her own gifts yet. But Adelynn won’t let anyone doubt her, and she she is determined to prove everyone — including herself — that she’s capable.

When a fellow classmate pushes her to explore the darker side of herself, using her doubt against her, will Adelynn go too far to the point of no return?

A new adult fantasy featuring a strong female lead, elemental magic powers, and a magical academy, Justice in Magic is the first book in the Chronicles of Evvalor series.

*This book contains potential triggers related to sexual assault, mental health issues, adult content, and suicide.*